Polyacrylamide (PAM) as Flocculant CAS 9003-05-8

Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: TITAN
CAS No.: 9003-05-8
Purity: 90% min
Common name: Polyacrylamide (PAM)
EINECS No.: 203-750-9
Appearance: White or slight yellow crystal
Density: 1.3
Glass Transition Temperature: 153°C
Softening Temperature: 210°C
Stability: Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents
Molecular Formula: [CH2=CHCONH2]n
Special Groups: Mining Chemicals
Oil Drilling Chemicals
Textile & Leather Chemicals

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Product Description

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Unit Price:1250.0 USDProduction Capacity:1000 Metric Tons per...
Trade Term:FOB,CFR,CIFPacking:25kg plastic bag.
Payment Terms:O/A, L/C, D/P, D/A, T/TDelivery Date:Prompt shipment within...
Min. Order:10 Metric Ton
Means of Transport:Ocean, Land

Chemical Identification

Common Name:

Polyacrylamide (PAM)


2-Propenamide homopolymer;

Acrylamide, Polymers;

Poly acrylamide;


CAS No.:




Melting Point:

300°C min


Cationic PAM, Anionic PAM, Nonionic PAM


White or slight yellow crystal



Glass Transition Temperature:


Softening Temperature:



Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, etc.

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Structure:


Product Information


Specifications of Polyacrylamide

Product name: Polyacrylamide

Manufacturer: Ningbo Titan Unichem Co., Ltd.





Solid content

90% min

90% min

90% min

Molecular weight

3-12 million

5-30 million

3-12 million

Free monomer

0.5% max

0.5% max

0.5% max

Dissolved speed

1 hr max

1.5 hr max

1.5 hr max

Degree of hydrolysis




Particle Size

2mm max

2mm max

2mm max

Water insoluble solid

2.0% max

2.0% max

2.0% max


White or slight yellow powdery granules




Appearance of Polyacrylamide from TITAN UNICHEM.


Appearance of Polyacrylamide from TITAN UNICHEM.


Appearance of Polyacrylamide from TITAN UNICHEM.


Appearance of Polyacrylamide from TITAN UNICHEM.



  • Packed in 25Kg woven bag or craft paper bag, 20MT per 1x20ft FCL without pallet;

  • Or package as per customer's request.

Delivery Lead Time:

  • Prompt shipment within 2 weeks.

Storage & Handling:

  • Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

  • Keep away from moisture, heat, flame and sunlight.

  • No exposed in air, and better in its original package.

  • The shelf-life is 2 years.

Safety Information:

Safety Statements:


HS Code:


Risk Statements:


Polyacrylamide is a non-toxic matter, however, the residual acrylamide monomer is toxic, so it should be used in food related with cautions.




  • Polyacrylamide is commonly a polymer with acrylamide monomers bonded connected by end to end configuration.

  • Polyacrylamide is a hard glassy solid at room temperature. Polyacrylamide has three types, HPAM, CPAM, NPAM.

  • Nonionic polyacrylamide is a kind of high molecular weight and low ionicity of linear polymer, is a homopolymer of acrylamide monomer, small white granule or powder.

  • Cationic polyacrylamide mainly functions are flocculating negatively charged colloid, decoloring etc.

  • Upon rapid mechanical stirring, Polyacrylamide is easily soluble in cold water form a transparent adhesive solution. Increasing the temperature does not affect its solubility and only affects its dissolution when the concentration is increased to a high viscosity.

  • In generally used concentration, Polyacrylamide has miscibility with most water-soluble natural or synthetic resins, latex systems, and most of the salts. Polyacrylamide can also quickly miscible with non-ionic, cationic and anionic surfactants, though with certain surfactants affecting the viscosity.

  • Polyacrylamide itself is non-toxic, but if it contains polymerized monomers, it would be toxic to humans. For this reason, upon the completion of its preparation, a certain amount of sodium bicarbonate should be added to remove residual monomers.


Well drilling mud raw materials:

  • In oil field exploration and development, Polyacrylamide is used as adhesive of well drilling mud raw materials, can improve the service life of drill bits, improve the drill speed and drilling footage, and reduce plugin replacing drill.

  • Polyacrylamide has prominent well slough preventing effect, and it can be used as fracturing fluid of oil fields or plugging agent of controlling profile and plugging water.

Industrial waste water treatment:

  • Water sources of many tap water factories come from rivers with high content of sand and mineral, the water is muddy, it still cannot achieve demanding although passing through sedimentation and filtration, and flocculating agent needs adding; however huge adding amount generates increased mud amount and bad effect. The adding amount is only 1/50 of inorganic flocculating agent if anionic-Polyacrylamide is adopted as flocculating agent, but the effect is several times better than the organic flocculating agent, and even dozens of times.

Textile auxiliary agent:

  • Polyacrylamide can be added with some other chemicals to prepare chemical grout, it is used to starch textiles, can improve the adhesive property, penetrability and desizing performance, enables the textile to have electrostatic prevention performance, reduces the desizing rate, and reduces the starch mixing spots, cloth machine breaking efficiency, and falling objects.

Paper-making adhesive:

  • Polyacrylamide can be used as fining agent, residency agent, filtration aid and paper dry and wet intensity reinforcing agent in paper-making industry.

Mine washing:

  • Polyacrylamide can be used in coal washing tailing centrifugal separation, can be used in sedimentation and filtration of coal powder and coal mud, and can improve the recovery rate of coal powder and the filtration speed.

Sewage water treatment:

  • When sewage water systems are acidophilic, it is more suitable to select Nonionic-Polyacrylamide as flocculant for adsorbing and bridging. And PAM can be matched with flocculating agent PAC, aluminium sulphate and the like, and it has the best effect in water treatment.

Metallurgical mineral dressing:

  • Polyacrylamide can be used in floatation and smelting of Zinc, manganese and copper mines, its leachate and slag can be added into PAM to improve the separation efficiency.

Sand prevention and solidification:

  • The Nonionic-Polyacrylamide is dissolved into 0.3% concentration, cross-linking agent is added, and the product can be sprayed on desert to prevent and solidify sand.

Chemical mudding agent:

  • 9.5 share Nonionic-Polyacrylamide is used and is mixed to 0.5share N,N-methylene diacrylamide, the product can be used as chemical mudding agent for plugging water of dikes, ground foundation, channels and the like.

Oil field profile controlling and water-plugging agent:

  • Polyacrylamide can be matched with lignocellulose, a certain amount of chemical adhesive can be added, and the product can be used as oil field profile controlling and water-plugging agent.

Soil humectants:

  • Polyacrylamide can preserve water and solidify sand for soil and can play a role of humectant on slope grass planting, tree planting, and sand solidification and dust prevention of soil.

Sludge Dewater:

  • Cationic-Polyacrylamide are widely used in sludge dewater with different machines. 

Category: Water Treatment Chemicals

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